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We wish we could give our DFY materials to all of the buyers of A.I King.

They are clearly proven to work. I mean, these are the same materials that we use to make thousands with A.I King!

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Al Cheeseman

Copy & Paste A.I PROFITS By Using Our

Right now, you have everything you need to get traffic & sales with A.i King!

However, you will need to configure the software so you get traffic & get paid.

And although the work is minimal, it can still be daunting.

It can prevent you from getting started.

So we thought…

Why don’t we give you the same materials that we used to bring in thousands of dollars in affiliate sales?

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 A.I King DFY Campaigns


100 Premium Prizes For More Traffic

We put together 100 premium prizes to give away to attract even more buyer traffic that converts into affiliate sales. This will give you an unfair advantage over everyone else that uses A.I King.

262 Emails Proven To Generate Profit

We paid a top flight copywriter to write 62 emails total, $30 per email. But you won’t pay that price today. 

You get 7 different emails for 10 products, along with 70  separate marketing emails…

10 Guaranteed Approval Offers

100% Commission

You will get guaranteed approval and 100% commission on 10 high converting products.

We've spent thousands on copywriters and design, not to mention the products. 

So you can make a ton of money off them!

It's Action Time!

Results Like These Are Possible With Our

  • No Figuring It Out By Yourself
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I N T R O D U C I N G...

We’ll Do The Work For You

You Get the Exact Proven Materials That Have Generated Us $1000s In Profit!

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Incredibly Powerful PROVEN MULTI A.I MATERIAL!

Our 180 Day Guarantee

We don’t want anything to stop you from getting A.I King Done For You Right now.

That’s why we’re going to ELIMINATE all of the risk and give you a full 180 days to make sure that A.I King Done For you is for you.


It’s Nearly Impossible For You to Fail!

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By removing all of the areas where you might make mistakes,

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So, we did all the work for you in the areas that you might mess up on.

Yes, everything.

GET A.I King Done For You NOW!

What You’re Getting

TOTAL VALUE: $15,492.00


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43 TAKEN ( 7 LEFT )

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  • 100 premium prizes to give away for more buyer traffic – Value: $2,150.00
  • 62 emails proven to generate big profits – Value: $1,860.00
  • 10 Guaranteed approval and 100% commission offers with all marketing materials  ready to be activated  – Value: $3,450.00

Al Cheeseman

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